It’s been a while!

It’s been at least a month since I last posted, not much has been going on in running land. I ran one more race in 2013 Run Santa Run in Madison, I’ll post about that later, and then I didn’t run for 4 weeks.  I caught the nasty flu bug right before Christmas and was fighting it for 3 weeks.  During that time I had no desire to run or write about running.  Now my health is back, it’s a new year and I have already run one race and have many more that I plan to run.  Hopefully I can update on all of them soon.  I won’t be aiming for 13 half marathons this year like I did last year.  I am picking and choosing races carefully.  I also have a great running partner who has plans to do a lot of the races with me.  We just signed up for the Team Ortho Monster Series in Chicago.  3 races, awesome gear and bling.  We have completed one of the three races and I am so excited for the others.

Polar Dash, Get Lucky and Monster Dash - Awesome gear!

Polar Dash, Get Lucky and Monster Dash – Awesome gear!

I’ll post my list of races soon and volunteer gig’s (yup, I have my list of races that I plan to volunteer at this year drafted too)

Heres to a 2014 filled with lots of running and fun!

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