First real Gym Membership!

This has been one of the worst winters for outdoor running, the whole month of January has been in the 20’s and below, way below…lots of negative degree days with even colder wind chills.  It’s made me not want to get out and run, the ice isn’t melting and the snow keeps on snowing!  While there are many members of my running clubs that are out there braving the cold/wet/snow, I am not.  I don’t need to hurt myself and I just have no motivation, I blame myself, I’m being lazy and I hate the treadmill.  If only there was something else I could do!!!

So last weekend I downloaded Focus T25, I mean I can do 25 minutes a day, I can focus on that at home, so now the first week is done and I feel great.  Shaun T has a great program and I even have my bf doing it too.  The house is a bit too small for us to do it together, but we both get it done.  I feel so much better this week after starting it.  I am also taking a Barre None class at my company’s gym, need to do something to combat the winter blues.

Monday: Barre None & T25 Cardio
Tuesday: T25 Speed 1.0
Wednesday: T25 Total Body Circuit
Thursday: T25 AB Intervals
Friday: T25 Cardio & Lower Focus (Friday is double day, I was hurting after doing both.)
Saturday: RecPlex 2 mile run, stretch and 1 mile run

Saturday my bf and I went to the Kenosha RecPlex, he plays basketball and I wanted to check out the indoor track, 6 laps is 1 mile and I calibrated my Garmin Foot Pod so I didn’t have to count laps, it was pretty accurate and it felt really good to run, it’s a bit boring running in circles, but it wasn’t too bad.  We started around 6am, so I got to see the sun start to come up as I passed the windows.

3 lane track, not too bad

the guys playing ball, the running track is around the gym so I could see them play while I ran.

the guys playing ball, the running track is around the gym so I could see them play while I ran.

the guys playing while I recover!

the guys playing while I recover! You can see the track above the hoop.

I signed up for a 30 day membership so I could use the track to get back in running shape and take a few classes.  Can’t wait to get more and more workouts in.  My company has a gym and it costs me around $5 a paycheck but I am not crazy about working out with co-workers and the last of running track makes the RecPlex way more appealing, we will see how it goes and I might extend my membership.

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