How I started

Just over 3 years ago I began a journey to change my life, I had tried to run in the past and failed at it after only a few weeks, so I gave it another try, I signed up with some friends for my very first race in April of 2010.

I barely trained for it, I started the couch to 5k program in February of 2010 and it was so so hard. I was also a lot heavier than I am today, 2010 was a struggle, I participated in a few races and mainly walk/ran them, but I loved the running community and being at a race having so many people support me really helped get me going.

20130806-210911.jpg My first race ever! Mount Pleasant 5k

2010 races (my average pace was a 11:35-13:00, I was walk/running everyone of these races, my only goal each time was to try my best and to finish)
Mount Pleasant 5k – April
Lighthouse Run 4 mile – June
Skeleton Skamper 5k – October
Mayors Turkey Trot 2 mile – November
Jingle Bell Run 5k – December

In January of 2011, I made a major decision to join weight watchers. Best decision I ever made, but also bitter sweet. I had been in Colorado over the Christmas holiday, I went for a run on Christmas morning and thought I pulled something, I found out several weeks later that I had fractured my leg…


There goes running for a bit, but I never gave up on getting back to running. As I healed and sat around, I began planning my running comeback. Once I was cleared to begin activity again (after 7 weeks on crutches) I started walking almost daily, I was doing weight watchers and was already down 25lbs, with no exercise! I tracked my walks with Nike+, I did a little in march and April, and in May I increased my activity a lot, my leg was feeling great so it was time to start walk/running. My goal was to stay healthy.

On June 18th 2011 I ran my first race after being injured, the Lighthouse Run 4 mile, it was hot and humid and I did walk some, but I did it and I felt great… Things only got better from there.

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2 Responses to How I started

  1. Kristen says:

    Wow, Jeni! I’ve never seen a photo from your heavier days! Look how far you’ve come! Your story goes to show how powerful diet is in getting healthy. Be proud!

  2. jenilesley says:

    Thanks Kristen, that was only a few years ago, I’m never going back to that weight again!

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