Back to running

So this summer my running really slowed down, in May I strained my left quad and every time I started running again it hurt, mostly a dull pain, but it hurt none the less. So I dialed back the training, I walk/ran a few races and took lots of time off. It sucked and my mood got pretty bad, I hated not being able to run whenever I wanted. But I knew that if I didn’t rest it I wouldn’t make it through the rest of the races I had planned. So today I ran 4 wonderful pain free miles and am looking forward to running more and all of my upcoming races. I will still take it conservatively, but I feel like I am finally moving in the right direction. I have run a couple 5k’s recently and they were so fun. But I did hurt after.
Green Bay Packer 5k has to be one of my favorites, and this year didn’t disappoint.

Race for the Bacon 5k was fun, but not enough bacon at the finish line, never thought I would have liked bacon so much during a race, but it was awesome, bacon at mile 1.5 was just what I needed.


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