Disneyland Weekend – part 1

This past weekend was the Disneyland 10K and half marathon, or as it was called this year, the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge!

I took a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun!  This was my first trip to Disneyland and it did not disappoint, so glad I was able to share the experience with my friend and fellow runner Frank, we had 3 very fun filled days in California.

Friday – Expo day!

Disneyland expo

Disneyland expo

More expo pics, it was crazy busy.

More expo pics, it was crazy busy.

Travel day and the expo, we both flew from our respective cities (Milwaukee for me and Chicago for Frank) and met at LAX.  Then traveled out to Anaheim to the race expo at the Disneyland hotel, we got there with no issues, but had heard that the expo was a mess with crazy long lines and waiting for hours to purchase stuff.  I had a plan, I only needed to buy two things, a pair of compression sleeves and a couple of gels for the race, plus get our race goodies.  So away we went, into the expo, they take you downstairs first to get your bib, so in no time we both had our race bibs, then we headed upstairs to the CRAZYNESS!  We got our shirts with no issues, but mine was 10 sixes too big, I ordered a medium, they were unisex sizes and they were HUGE!  I went to the shirt exchange and they had no smalls or extra smalls, oh well I guess I’m stuck.  I wandered the expo, bought my stuff and headed over to merchandise, this is where it got crazy, 2 hour wait to buy and they wouldn’t let us in to look at stuff, so we headed out for food and to get my charity stuff from another hotel.IMG_4295

Eating at Downtown Disney is expensive, so we found a pretzel place and got something small, we  had a group dinner that night, so we didn’t need much.  Then off to the Grand Californian Hotel to pick up my charity stuff, I was running for AT Children’s project so I got a shirt from them, and a pasta dinner on Saturday, with a guest, so Frank and I had dinner Saturday covered!  After picking our stuff up there we realized that we forgot to pick up our park tickets at the expo, so back we went!  Got the tickets, and I was able to exchange my shirts, they had extra small and they fit perfect!  We also waited in line for merchandise, I only got a magnet and a pin, all of the other Dumbo Double Dare stuff was already sold out.  Sucks because I would have got a shirt, but oh well!

Finish Line for all the races!

Finish Line for all the races!

More tomorrow about the race!

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