13, 13.1’s in 2013

So I set a pretty big goal for myself almost 1 year ago.  13 half marathons in 1 year.  this was a big goal especially since I ran my very first half marathon in May of 2012 and had only ran 4 half marathons. I’ve only been a runner for a few years but I though how cool would it be to do 13 in 2013, i saw a few other bloggers doing it so I though if I could logistically figure it out, I’d try to do it.  Still can’t believe I did it, I even count my DNF, only because I started the race, I could have finished, but I needed my injury to heal.

all 13 half marathon medals, look at all that bling!

all 13 half marathon medals, look at all that bling!

So much planning went into this, cost was the biggest part, I had most of the races paid for by March, as soon as I picked races I looked at their cost and when the cost went up, most of them I signed up when the cost was the cheapest, so I could financially afford this.  I also worried about signing up for so many and getting hurt.  I held off on airfare for some until it was closer to race day so I wouldn’t be out race fee and airfare if I was to get injured or if something else came up.  It was a lot of planning and using of a few vacation days here and there, but so so worth it.

I’ve been asked if I’ll run this many next year and the answer is no, I will pick 1-2 half marathons to run and that’s it.  Sticking to 10k’s, 5k’s and a few Ragnar Relays.  I have my eye set on running 2-3 Ragnar Relays next year, my Madison to Chicago team is already set.

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  1. utalap says:

    Wow, awesome! Congratulations! 🙂

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